Our Favourite Photo Books for 2013

Another list on the internet? Why, yes. We start 2014 with a look back at 2013. We take turns naming our favourite photobook for 2013, and explain why we chose the book. List begins after the jump.

Adam's pick: Here Far Away, Pentti Sammallahti 

"Sammallahti's photos are stunning. Two of the main things that get you are his pure luck of getting his shots and his use of space. Of course as a photographer I know that both come with practice. The more you put yourself out there, the greater the chance of finding something special. It seems hes found something special in every photo in Here Far Away."

[Ed's Note: This was published in October 2012, but that's close enough in our books.]

Aik Beng's pick: Any Given Day, Kosuke Okahara

"I like the documentary story of the daily life of young gangsters and their family members living in the Medellin's newly commenced drug war in Colombia."

Callan's pick: Rasen Kaigan, Lieko Shiga

"A community album that appears to be surreal, strange, dark, and even hints at horror, but isn't. I love the concept, the execution, and a great illustration that photographs don't contain the objective truth. Ignore the hateful 'B-grade horror' comments, this is worth every penny. It's huge, heavy, expensive, and the reproduction is fantastic. The only quibble I have is that cover looks and feels fragile. And that's a very minor quibble."

Donna's pick: Karma, Oscar Monzon.

"I like the strong sense of intrusion, it's so impactful and very different from what I've seen before."

Jing Wen's pick: She Dances on Jackson, Vanessa Winship

"Because there's a sobering poignancy to her photos as she travelled across the US, kinda like a modern day update to The Americans. It's a look at her America, a quiet yet steadfast tale."

If you've got a favourite, leave a comment!