5ive Foot Way welcomes Christian Lam and Dav Cheng

We are honoured to announce that Christian Lam and Dav Cheng has joined our collective.

© Christian Lam. All rights reserved.

Members of 5ive Foot Way first met Christian during a print sharing session two years ago, and were impressed by the intensely personal photography he presented; it took a while, but he has since moved back to Singapore and has graciously accepted our invitation.

© Dav Cheng. All rights reserved.

Dav is a founding member of the collective, who took a hiatus just before our first group exhibition in 2012, and we have seen his work diverge and mature beyond classic aesthetics into an innately intimate view of his world. Everyone is chuffed to welcome him officially back into the fold.

We look forward to working closely with both Christian and Dav. While we have been quiet recently, there are plans afoot, and we will share them when the time is right.

Announcing "Take A Seat", our first collective publication

5ive Foot Way is proud to announce our first collective publication, Take A Seat, an 80-page book featuring 48 colour, and black and white, photographs by Aik Beng Chia, Callan Tham, Donna Chiu, and Tham Jing Wen.

The book will be officially launched on this weekend's IPA Photobook Show 2013 at the National Museum of Singapore, October 19th and 20th, and will be priced at S$35 (US$29) plus shipping. Orders can be made through any member of 5ive Foot Way, or via our official email, fiveftway@gmail.com.

Click on the gallery below to scroll through some images of the book. We hope to see you there at the launch this Saturday. 

New publications from Callan and Jing Wen

5ive Foot Way is proud to announce two new publications from two of our founding members: Nisshi Vol. III by Callan and Japan Quietly by Jing Wen. 

Japan Quietly is the result of a two week summer tour around the quiet realm of Japan, collecting the poignant scenes which Jing Wen encountered. It is representative of both Japan and Jing Wen, where his formalistic yet unforced compositions shows his dinstinctive flavour through his favoured square frames.

The 82-page book is priced at US$24/S$30 (plus shipping) per copy, and available for order through Jing Wen himself; you can contact him for details.

 Nisshi Vol. III is the continuation of Callan's photographic journal, featuring 30 black and white photographs over 52 pages, taken between August and December 2012.

The zine is priced at US$15/S$20. You can contact Callan to place an order, or buy it from MagCloud at the following link: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/612880. A free digital version is available for download at the same link.

We hope you will enjoy the books as much as we enjoyed putting them together.