From all of us at 5ive Foot Way, Thank You

To say we were overwhelmed was an understatement — the opening party for our debut exhibition packed The Pigeonhole to the rafters.  Your generous love and support were felt by every single one of us. It was a special night indeed.

Photograph © Aik Beng Chia.

We would like to make a few special mentions to those who helped make 5ive Foot Way and this exhibition possible:

To Rizal, thank you for introducing us all. 5ive Foot Way would not have been formed if we had not met, and we hope you can find time to visit the exhibition and hang out.

To Eric Kim, we wish you all the best in your move to Michigan. Like Rizal, you were the one who brought all of us together, and your generosity and enthusiasm for photography is infectious. Long may that continue. Hope to see you on this sunny island again soon, we all miss you.

To Ave, Rayner, and the staff at The Pigeonhole, thank you all for allowing us to use your awesome cafe to exhibit our work, and for being such big-hearted people who appreciate local art, and can throw a mean party too!

To Renhao, thanks for liaising with Canon and getting them involved with the prints. We were really happy with the results, and it wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t help us out.

Photograph © Sabrina Lim. (Thanks for letting us use your photograph!)

And of course, to all of you who graced the opening night — old friends and new friends, family members, and fellow photographers — we thank all of you, from the bottom of our collective hearts, and hope you will continue to give us your support in our photographic adventures.

Obligatory camera porn shot. Photograph © Tham Jing Wen.

From left to right: Aik Beng, Jun, Adam, Callan, Jingwen, with guest photographers Donna and Ernest. Photograph © Kevin Lee.