Announcing "Take A Seat", our first collective publication

5ive Foot Way is proud to announce our first collective publication, Take A Seat, an 80-page book featuring 48 colour, and black and white, photographs by Aik Beng Chia, Callan Tham, Donna Chiu, and Tham Jing Wen.

The book will be officially launched on this weekend's IPA Photobook Show 2013 at the National Museum of Singapore, October 19th and 20th, and will be priced at S$35 (US$29) plus shipping. Orders can be made through any member of 5ive Foot Way, or via our official email,

Click on the gallery below to scroll through some images of the book. We hope to see you there at the launch this Saturday. 

New publications from Callan and Jing Wen

5ive Foot Way is proud to announce two new publications from two of our founding members: Nisshi Vol. III by Callan and Japan Quietly by Jing Wen. 

Japan Quietly is the result of a two week summer tour around the quiet realm of Japan, collecting the poignant scenes which Jing Wen encountered. It is representative of both Japan and Jing Wen, where his formalistic yet unforced compositions shows his dinstinctive flavour through his favoured square frames.

The 82-page book is priced at US$24/S$30 (plus shipping) per copy, and available for order through Jing Wen himself; you can contact him for details.

 Nisshi Vol. III is the continuation of Callan's photographic journal, featuring 30 black and white photographs over 52 pages, taken between August and December 2012.

The zine is priced at US$15/S$20. You can contact Callan to place an order, or buy it from MagCloud at the following link: A free digital version is available for download at the same link.

We hope you will enjoy the books as much as we enjoyed putting them together.  

Quote of the Day

Richard Kehl:

Once, when a GI was visiting Pablo Picasso during the liberation of France, he said that he could not understand the artist’s paintings: “Why do you paint a person looking from the side and from the front at the same time?” Picasso asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” “Yes,” replied the soldier. “Do you have a picture of her?” The soldier pulled from his wallet a photograph of the girl. Picasso looked at it in mock astonishment and asked, “Is she so small?”

[Video] Photographer explores Japan's photography scene

by Callan 

A beautiful video about a Hong Kong-based photographer rediscovering his love for photography via Tokyo's fantastic scene. It's also a great insight on why Japan has such a burgeoning photography scene. Well worth watching, though I wish there were English subtitles for it. Apologies to non-Cantonese/Mandarin speakers, but this is too good not to share. 

Thank you, Donna, for the great find.

Billingham Bags

By Jing Wen; original article here.

Mike Johnston "deconstructs" the Billingham bags over at TOP:

Oh, and for that last reason, these are probably not good bags to buy if you like buying lots of bags on an ongoing basis. One of their main advantages is longevity, and long use is the only thing that will make the high initial outlay sensible. So if you like to buy bags like clothing, constantly switching and swapping and changing styles, a Billingham probably isn't the thing. It's really only for you if you're the type to keep something a long time.

And he adds an interesting observation (and tip) about Billingham bags:

by the way: unless you're a pro—if you're a hobbyist photographer photographing for fun or art or interest: I'd recommend as a guiding principle that you should never carry, and probably not even own, more gear than you can fit into a Billingham Hadley Pro or a Think Tank Retrospective 7. If you have more gear than that, change your gear, not your bag.

Which is, of course, something I believe in. Having too much gear for someone shooting for art leads to distraction of vision, and for someone just shooting for fun, only leads to under-usage. Applies to both carrying and owning gear, to differing degrees.

And that's pretty much why my Billingham Hadley Pro will be my last camera bag - simply because it lasts so long and all the gear I take on my walks fit inside it.

Aik Beng interviewed by The Straits Times

by Callan 

Fellow 5ive Foot Way member (and local celeb)  Aik Beng Chia was interviewed by The Straits Times recently for 48 Singaporean Seconds, "an audio-visual tribute to Singaporeans who have made this little red dot their home". The interview also includes a 48-second video of Aik Beng in action. You can read the interview and watch the video here.

Welcome to our new website

by Callan

It took us a while, but we've finally moved from Tumblr to Squarespace, which gives us way more options to present our work to all of you. Some of you would already have been directed to this new space late last night! 

We will be introducing more material soon, but in the meantime, everything that we have been doing are still up here, including our regularly updated Visual Diary. Hope you guys enjoy yourselves around here, and thank you for joining us. 

Quote of the Day

[J]ust as the number of keepers does not really depend on what medium or camera we use, using any particular platform—or multiple platforms—for sharing your images is not going to improve the quality of your work.
Oleg Novikov